When Chrome is running slow or you are getting strange errors while in chrome, clearing your browsing history could fix the issue. These are the steps to clear your cache, cookies and browsing history in the Chrome browser. The instructions are the same if you are on a Chromebook, Chromebox , or a desktop computer.


  1. Open the Chrome browser.

  1. On the browser toolbar, click the icon at the top right.

  1. Click on More tools >> Clear browsing data…


  1. Select “the beginning of time” from the menu at the top and click “CLEAR BROWSING DATA”


  1. After Chrome finishes it will go to the chrome settings window.

  1. You can close the setting tab and continue working as normal.


    You will need to re-sign in to any websites that you were previously signed into. You will need to know the username and password for these sites.